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Ambient, downtempo, electronic, ethereal, post-rock. Genre-lize it as you wish. The 5 woven tracks lead to a place you should be. Respite from the noise, space to breathe.


Available for the first time on LP since its original CD release in 2004. Remastered for a record experience to get lost and found in. 300 pressed on sky blue marble vinyl.



Side A

1. Games Without End  04:44

2. Green Horizon  7:14

3. Entrance  06:14

Side B

4. Waterways  06:41

5. Bombardiers  06:55


Adelaide is:

Mike Bauch – drums, percussion

Adam Porterfield – guitars, autoharp

Ethan Rose – guitars, rhodes, electronics

Bob Muscarella – bass

Ryan Jeffery - Projections


Cover art by Ryan Pierce

Adelaide - EP

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